The Gist

This is a test! 

I've not had a blog/website for many a year - and while you'd think my Twitter or Instagram would be enough but believe it or not I get questions regarding my blog all the time - which has not existed since 2009 or so.

So, please, check in here from time to time - where I'll open up a bit more, tell some old stories that I find funny and think you may laugh at too, or I may just want to get down on "paper" before the memory slips my mind altogether.

If you already follow me on Twitter you'll know that I call it my "diary". Yes, it limits us to 140 characters but that is a good thing. If something is good, funny, important enough to be mentioned in my diary, that limit is a good thing for me. It keeps me from going too in depth. This will be a place in can delve further into my nerd habits and hobbies, strange sense of humor and my odd streaks of arrogance and self deprecation that confound not only me but probably many friends.

So, thanks for stopping by! I hope to have you laughing or thinking (even if the thought is "this is pure fart box!"). I look forward to hearing your thoughts and you are welcome for not using the Enable Smells option on my blog.

Adam "Lord of The" Smith